Reiki by Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis is a Reiki Master and Author of 'Reiki And The Seven Chakras', 'The Heart Of Reiki', 'Empower Your Life With Reiki', and 'Practical Reiki', as well as a range of dedicated training materials for his highly rated Reiki Training courses.

Richard offers 1-1 Treatments, weekly Qigong Classes, regular Reiki Retreats and a comprehensive range of specialist Reiki Training. You can learn more about Richard on the About page and discover his range of services below.


Reiki Training

'Just for Today, do not worry, do not anger, be grateful, be honest and be kind'.

Learn the beautiful healing art of Reiki, an ancient form of hands on healing that can bring great benefit to yourself family and friends. Courses are held regularly in the peaceful surroundings of The Retreat New Forest and take place over a weekend. Reiki is a name given to both the practice which originates in Japan and the energy itself. Richard teaches the original Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki, named after the founding father Mikao Usui.

Richard Ellis is an internationally recognised teacher and brings over 30 years of experience to your training.

Holistic Wellness and Reiki Retreats

Why not join us on one of our Reiki days, or on a half day or full day retreat, where we combine a variety of complementary practices of Qigong, Somatic yoga and Reiki healing. Or maybe dive deeper into a residential weekend or a week of self nurture.

These retreats offer an escape from busy lives, allowing valuable space to recharge and rebalance.


1-1 Treatments

Richard Ellis offers 1-1 treatments online and in person.

With many years of successfully working with a variety of clients, these healing and therapeutic sessions are tailored around the individuals needs. Whether it is goal setting, mentoring, life orientation or help with specific health concerns, these 1-1 treatments can provide a valuable lifeline.

Richard’s unique, intuitive approach, will offer new insights and understanding, which is often the key for change.


Qigong is a wonderful grounding practice, designed to clear stagnant and blocked energy in the meridians. Through a series of mindful movements we replenish and restore chi flow, helping to revitalise our body and mind.

Classes run weekly on a Monday and Thursday at The Retreat New Forest and are great way of maintaining health and wellbeing. The classes are fun, friendly and open to all.