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Richard Ellis

I am an author of three books on Reiki and a holistic health practitioner. I have trained in various complementary practices including; Master Teacher of Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Yin Yoga and Qigong. I run a busy healing and coaching practice incorporating all these disciplines.

My personal healing journey began in the early 1990’s and after a series of powerful energetic experiences and profound awakenings I was led to The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. It was here I had my first experiences with Reiki, which helped me make sense of what was happening to me and eventually led me to train as a Teacher in Reiki myself.
My time in the Findhorn Foundation and living in community shaped my approach to the courses I went on to teach. I travelled extensively, deepening my understanding of energy work, particularly on the west coast of America and Hawaii.

I have particular interest in the chakra system, the nature of disease and the link between the mind and body, which has led me to develop observational techniques in posture analysis and non verbal communication, and I incorporate many of these learnings into my training courses.

I am now firmly rooted in The New Forest and have been dedicated to recreating that sense of community that served me so well in my development years at Findhorn. Having my school at The New Forest Retreat provides a great foundation that allows me to mentor and support Reiki students and practitioners coming through the school.

I am passionate about helping others to achieve their potential and fascinated by Reiki’s capacity to support that process. I love to nurture Reiki’s longing for itself as it flows into the next generation of Reiki practitioners and teachers and watch the transformation that occurs in people’s lives as they walk this journey

Books by Richard Ellis

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Reiki And The Seven Chakras

Reiki and the Seven Chakras captures the feeling of wonder that surrounds Reiki, but it is also an immensely practical guide.


The Heart Of Reiki

'The Heart Of Reiki' is a tale of trust as the author dives into the depths of an unfolding adventure, seeking to highlight the connections between spiritual concepts and practices...


Practical Reiki

Reiki, the simple laying-on of hands, can channel life-empowering energy and heal physical and emotional ailments!


Empower Your Life With Reiki

This is an exceptionally beautiful book which opens with the author’s compelling personal account of how he became involved in the practice of Reiki.