Reiki Natural Healing

Reiki 1-1 Treatments

Reiki is a natural healing system that offers a supportive energetic environment to surrender what ails us, so that we may return to a sense of wholeness.

With 30 years of experience in the field of bio-energetic healing, and with the help of grounded and well-established holistic practices, I invite you into a safe space, to explore what is being presented that requires your healing attention.

Face to Face Sessions

The practices I offer begin with a simple assumption that all is energy and at the same time ‘somatic’, meaning related to the body. Our sessions will provide an opportunity to mindfully explore areas of mental, emotional and physical contraction to enable you to build an awareness of how your life story has impacted upon you.

My Treatment Sessions

In my treatment sessions, I combine Reiki practices, postural analysis and natural sensory acuity with neurolinguistic techniques and conversational hypnotherapy to understand how each person is doing what they do. I approach everyone with the attitude that they are a wonderfully unique individual who has arrived at a point in their lives where they recognise the need for change. It is exciting and empowering to realise the only thing we have the power to change is ourselves.

Zoom Sessions

Kick start your personal development with an online session or attend regular coaching sessions via zoom if you live further afield. Virtual sessions are normally one hour in length and can be arranged on a regular basis.

Face to Face Sessions

The ideal way to truly immerse yourself in your personal healing journey with the added benefit of hands on healing. Face to Face sessions are normally around one and a half hours in length and take place in Westbourne, Dorset.

Ready to find out more?

Contact Richard for more information and to arrange a Face to Face or Zoom consultation.

How can Richard Ellis help you?

I have worked with a huge variety of dis-ease over the years, from patients with acute physical illness, to people in the midst of personal crises and big life changes. My mission is simple, yet profound. I endeavour to create an environment where you can return to a point of stillness and emptiness, resulting in a true sense of reconnection with your own essential nature.

From here, balance can be restored and a renewed flow of energy, vitality and wellness re-established.

Sessions can help with:

  • Energy balance

  • Stress relief

  • Physical pain and diseases

  • Panic attacks and anxiety

  • Motivation & low self esteem

  • Healing trauma

  • Life orientation and embracing change

  • And many other challenges